For me, Sweat really came at the end of my journey with Ruined. It began when I was actually coming back from Chad, where I had just done a production of Ruined there, and I arrived home and I had all these emails in my email box, and one very specific email was from a neighbor of mine who was a very good friend. I opened it up that evening and I read it, and basically she was saying that she had been broke for six months, that she hadn’t been working, that she had been hiding it from her friends, and that when we saw her smiling, that smile was covering the fact that she was in deep despair.  She was a mother of two.  She’s someone who I can attest to always had a smile, and it broke my heart.  It broke my heart that I had not recognized the extent of her suffering.  I hadn’t recognized that she was someone that was in the midst of such a struggle.