I photographed women in Afghanistan for National Geographic. That story took more than two years because I didn’t normally need permission from the women, but I needed permission from their fathers, their brothers, their husbands. And every woman I asked, sometimes she had to think about it. So literally, I just had to sort of chip away and get to the point where I had enough women who agreed and their families agreed. It was just a real lesson in patience, because it took two years.  And a lot of these things, no one understands. For a photographer — it’s like actually taking a picture is like five percent of what I do. And the rest is research, reading, contact, setting things up, making contact, getting access, making people feel comfortable, doing the reporting, doing the interviews, getting the captions. It’s not getting there physically, the logistics on the ground. I mean, literally, taking a picture is the easiest part of my job.