I remember, as a very young child — just natural curiosity, I guess — just trying to find out how toys work, taking them apart and so on, and eventually doing the same thing with chemistry sets. So it was really before entering high school that I realized that chemistry and biology — at that time it was not very clear for me which of the two — but it was something fascinating for me. I began to read biographies of famous scientists. I also liked mathematics at that time, so I realized that I could combine this sort of natural curiosity to see how nature functions, with a creativity in terms of trying to quantify the way nature works. It was really, for me, just a natural development, I believe, just to keep this interest, this natural curiosity alive, which sometimes — through the natural process of going to school somewhere or other — it dies, or so. But for me, it was an obsession, and I was able to continue with it.