In 1990 I start a magazine. This is a big deal because in 1990 many magazines were shutting down. It was an economic downturn. Advertising revenues for most companies were at a nadir. I come up with this idea for a magazine called Living, which incorporates everything that has to do about living, living well, how to.

And Time Warner thought it was a good idea. Very unusual for them because generally they didn’t really — they were buying dying magazines or buying magazines in trouble. They had started a magazine called People magazine, which was a huge success. They didn’t quite know if this magazine was going to be such a success but it was an instant success.

And again it was because we didn’t have to persuade advertisers. We were lucky. We had the funding. It wasn’t a lot of money but we had the funding to allow us to take our time to create magazines that would encourage not only readers but also advertisers that what we were trying to do was really valuable.