The big, big turning point was when I wrote my first book. Americans look at you very differently, respect you greatly more when you write a book. The printed word, no matter… I mean it doesn’t even matter if it’s good, you have become an expert in everyone’s viewpoint. Or if you become a television star, you know, a talk show host, or something, then you’re the expert. You may not be, but it’s the perception. And that I’ve written 12 books after that book, and they’ve all been really well received and good books. I mean, I don’t do anything unless I think it’s going to be good, I’m real picky about that. And I have set a standard, and I’m going to stick to the standard. I may have been able to grow faster and maybe my business could have been bigger, but because I really feel very serious about my subject, I really want to be hands-on.