There’s a different kind of concern which also worries me, which is that because of powerful technologies, in particular biotech and cybertech and AI, individuals are much more empowered than they were in the past.  That, therefore, means that an individual or a small group can, by error or by design, have a consequence, a damaging consequence, that could cascade globally.  I like to say that the global village will have its village idiots, but they will now have a global range.  And this is something which worries me very much.  The new technologies are very exciting, and of course, we depend on new technology in order to feed nine billion people and to provide a good life for them all.  So we don’t want to slow down technology. But we do want to redirect it and control it if we can, so as to minimize these serious risks because we are in an interconnected world where a disaster in one region will cascade around the world.  No part of the world is isolated from what happens elsewhere now.  So we need to be very concerned, and that is why I do worry about how we will get through this century without severe setbacks.