As to what will happen in the future, we don’t know.  Will it be more organic creatures or not?  I would argue that it will be — not natural selection, Darwinian selection — but it will be a new kind of intelligent design where we humans design future organisms.  Or more likely, in my opinion, where we develop electronic intelligences which may, within a century or so, surpass what humans do.  So it could be that humans are the culmination of organic evolution, but we will jump-start the transition to a new phase of evolution, which will be electronic and entities which have more intelligence, but of course, aren’t biological at all.  As to how this will happen, I actually think it’s going to happen on Mars, not here on the earth.  And the reason I say that is that if we think about space exploration and space travel, then the case for sending people into space is now getting weaker because robots can do all the things that humans did in the past.