I don’t really like the boundary of male or female. I enjoy transcending that boundary. I have male energy. I have female energy. Intellectually, like the tribe that I would claim for myself is the female tribe. I think it’s probably more because I’m just in absolute awe, more in awe of women than I am of men.

It would be like picking a sports team that you like better. When I think, as I said in my remarks, I mean the incredible burden that women have, I think women have carried civilization on their backs. And I cannot wrap my head at all around misogyny or racism, these kind of artificial reasons to be against a demographic or characteristic.

It’s completely… it eats at me. I don’t understand it, and why somebody else would tell somebody what to do with their own body. I don’t get it. So I identify with women, but it doesn’t mean that my gender is just female or just male. My gender is Martine and I’m very happy just being an individualistic gender.

I wrote this book titled The Apartheid of Sex back in the ‘90s. And while a lot of people now, they don’t really know what the word apartheid means, but it meant the artificial division of everybody in South Africa into being either black or white. And you had separate legal rules that went with you if you were black or white.

And to me, it’s just as artificial to divide all people into saying you’re either male or female. If you’re male, you’ve got certain rights. If you got like: female, you can be paid less and blah, blah, blah. So I don’t like artificial borders like that. It runs against my own personal spirit.