Martine Rothblatt: I became a writer and a member of an organization called the Organization for the Advancement of Space, Industrialization, and Settlement. It’s a mouthful so we went by the acronym OASIS, which is what those letters break down to. It was an organization started by a physicist at Princeton named Gerry O’Neil. And to show you how — it’s funny how — my thing I love most of all, when things come full circle in a positive way. So we were just talking about Jeff Bezos a moment ago. So last year, he kind of came out and said that the reason he founded Amazon and the reason he’s done all of these things to build it up and form Blue Origin and everything was because he was a student of Gerry O’Neill’s at Princeton in the ‘80s and read about Dr. O’Neill’s ideas for moving most of humanity into space. And he decided that that was his purpose in life, and it was just like, “How do I make that practically happen? Start with Amazon and then Blue Origin.”