Martine Rothblatt: I would say don’t focus on my big thinking, focus on my practical doing.  So like a million times more important than my big thinking is that practical doing.  In 1990 I said that I would launch a satellite radio system that would provide 100 channels of non-commercial programming throughout all of North America, and it was launched in 2000.

By 2000, I said, I would, I say, if it was the last thing I do in my life I would develop a medicine to save Jenesis. Okay, developed that medicine and actually had the three of them approved by 2010.  In 2010, I said before the end of the teens, before the end the twenty-teens, we would manufacture an organ and bring an end-stage lung disease patient back to life.

It’s now 2019, and we’ve brought hundreds of end-stage lung disease patients back to life with manufactured organs. And now in the 2020s, before the end of this decade, I said I would like to develop an unlimited supply of manufactured organs and have them delivered by zero carbon EVTOLs —“electric vertical takeoff and landing” — electric helicopter aircraft. And that is the purpose of my life during the 2020s.  Other than just reading, playing music, looking at stars and hanging out with Bina!