Martine Rothblatt: I had, previously, was responsible for another type of satellite communication system where we would track the locations of vehicles. That system was actually invented by Dr. O’Neill. As I got to know him and we shared our vision for building cities and space settlements and space, he said, “Martine, I’ve come up with this idea for using satellites to locate objects on the earth…” — this was before GPS —  “…and I believe that this can help eliminate planes crashing into each other, vehicles getting lost or stolen. It could be more efficient for people. People could find their ways around. Would you be willing to take this idea and get the government to approve it, raise the money for it and make it happen?”  So I said like, “Yes, Dr. O’Neill, I will,” because he was my hero. As he was Jeff (Bezos)’s hero, he’s an amazing person. So I did that, and we did launch those satellites and tracked thousands of vehicles and tracked planes. Actually, those satellites are still operating today. But that’s… I was doing that. I said, you know, the same signals of sending latitude and longitude could be used for sending music.  And it would be a way to connect, to be able to listen to the same channel while you travel the hundreds of miles instead of constantly changing. It would be a way to get the kind of channels that I personally love, which are jazz mostly, be able to get these channels outside of New York or Los Angeles and anywhere in the country.