Martine Rothblatt: What happened, in fact, was I said, “Let me find anybody who’s working on this disease.” There were only 20 people in the whole U.S. who are working on it because everybody died of it. And I said I did have financial — money — resources from taking Sirius public. So I said to them, “Look, I’ll give you grants if you can come up with a medicine for my daughter.” They took the grants, they never came up with anything. I contacted all the major pharmaceutical companies. They said, “We’re not interested in this disease, it only affects 2,000 people. Finally, one doctor said, “You know, Martine, I think you can if you want to save Jenesis, you’re going to have to do it yourself.” And I said myself, “I don’t know anything about biology.” They said, “You could figure that out, you’ve launched these satellites.” And that’s when the light turned on in my head. They said, “If you don’t do this, Jenesis is not going to make it.”