Marvin Minsky: A Junior Fellow at Harvard is sort of king of the hill. He can go into any department in the university for three years and work on anything, and I worked on several different things in those three years. Then I started thinking about how would you make a computer think. I got a lot of theories about that. I started to write them down and bounce them around. And I guess I finished this set of little theories by 1961, and I published this big paper, and I never had any problems after that because that paper was — everyone in the world looked at that and said, “Oh, that is the right thing to work on. I’ll do this.” The paper had about 15 or 20 different things that had to be done, and I just lucked out. It became the standard, and the language I used for describing the different problems got to be what everybody — because, before that, it was a mess.