As a student, competitions are how you were — they’re what you do as a good exercise. And the only clue that I had to what I had made was that for the final clip you invite visiting architects to critique your work and then you get up and you present. So I presented my piece. And then over that Christmas holiday I was visiting a friend’s uncle — my girlfriend — and we went up to see his house in Vermont, a fairly well-known architect, and he was going to give me advice on my senior portfolio so I could get out and look for a summer job. And he’s looking through, and then he stops and he starts telling me — because as he gets to the sketches for the Vietnam (I had included them in the portfolio), he starts telling me about this design for the Vietnam Memorial that he had heard about, and as he starts talking about it, I realize he is telling me about my design. And I’m realizing, I should enter this because I think it’s an important thing to say. It’s not going to win. And I entered it.