It’s always last minute.  It’s relaxation with me, to get rid of the nerves and everything.  The last thing I do before I go on set is I bend right over so that the blood goes to my brain and I remember the lines, you know.  But I disappear into the character and I’m very, I have lots — some actors it’s all tension and everything — I work out of relaxation. I’m telling jokes and making people laugh right up until the last minute with the technicians, you know.  And I work on a very relaxed set because I was made a knight. I was Sir Michael Caine, and I go on the set and I immediately say to everybody, “Get rid of “What are you going to call him?’  I just say, “Everyone calls me Michael, okay?” and that’s it. So you start off like that, and I act out of relaxation, and then I go right down to an absolute relaxing, and I walk on and I’m the guy, whoever he is.