Michael Caine: Sean Connery — what happened with Sean, how Sean got into show business — he was a “Mr.” — I think he was “Mr. Edinburgh.”  He was a big weightlifter.  And they were doing South Pacific, and there’s a song in it called “There Is Nothing Like a Dame,” sung by all these sailors, you know, big robust sailors.  And they only had small chorus boys, and it didn’t look right, them singing this song, “There Is Nothing Like a Dame.”

So they went out and looked for great big, masculine men, and of course, they went to weightlifting places.  And they found Sean, and Sean was in the chorus of South Pacific.  And they opened on a Thursday, and the Saturday night, there was a party to which I took two girls.  And he came after the show, late, about eleven o’clock.  And he walked in, and he saw me with two girls.  And he walked straight over to me and introduced himself and took one of the girls.  So that’s how I met Sean Connery.