The way this would work is, let’s say you went to ComputerLand — there used to be such things in the United States, around every street corner — and you bought a computer and it didn’t work. Well, you’d put it back in the car and you’d go there and (say) “Fix this thing,” and you’d come back a week or so later and they’d give it to you. So our idea was that you’d call us on the phone and say, “Hey, our computer is not working,” and we’d come the very next day and fix it. It turns out there were all sorts of third party companies that had field service networks — companies like Xerox, for example, who had all these technicians all over the country who were kind of waiting for copiers to fail. So they had this fixed capacity. And so we could buy up that excess capacity at way less cost than we could put it in ourselves, and instantly have way better service. Actually, Xerox is the company we used for quite some time in that.