If you look at our story, at any point in the process you could’ve gone to conventional experts. In fact, I remember — I won’t name the person, ’cause he’s still an extremely well-known author of famous business books, teaches at a very prominent university — I showed up at a conference when the company was three or four years old, and he was sort of critiquing our business. And he said, “Oh, this will never work.” And it was a common experience. When we launched our business in the United Kingdom, we had about 22 journalists show up. And it was sort of funny, because about three or four weeks before we launched, we started actually selling. And the thing was just going like crazy. It was just growing so, so fast, which is a good thing, because when we had the launch, about 21 of the 22 journalists said, “Oh, this is a horrible idea. Never work in the U.K. It’s a completely American idea. Don’t even think about coming here. You should just pack your bags and go home.” Lucky for me we’d already started. “Hey guys, love to entertain some more questions but I got to go back to the office, ’cause we’re busy taking orders and making computers.”