We did a complete, full investigation and found that one of our suppliers, Sony, had made some batteries that had the possibility of this defect. Quite a small likelihood, but still it was there. So we made the decision to recall all of those batteries. Now the interesting thing, if you go back and look at when we made that decision, the popular wisdom was that it was an issue that was unique to Dell, and Dell was the only company in the world that had this problem, and it must’ve been because Dell did something wrong in the way it designed its computers. Several weeks later, another computer company announced a similar recall for the same Sony batteries. And then several weeks after that, another company. Eventually all of the companies that used the Sony batteries announced recalls. We were very proactive in doing it, and I think our teams did a fantastic job in sort of doing the right thing, when you know you could have had all sorts of arguments about, “Well, it’s a really small percentage…” or those kinds of things. But we actually knew the problem was there. And you know, even though there were debates about, “Okay. Is it going to be six batteries that fail, or is it going to be ten batteries that fail?” Doesn’t really matter. One battery failing is one too many.