We sort of have a very interesting place in the world. We’re kind of in between all these technology ingredients that are evolving at an enormous pace, almost independent of need. They’re really based on scientific principles and physical laws and how those can be extended and driven. So you have all these ingredients like microprocessors and software and memory and hard disk drives and rotating media, optical storage and networking and all these things. And then you have all of these billions of people out there who are trying to get something done, trying to be productive. They’re trying to entertain themselves. They’re trying to provide education, or medicine, or run a small business, or run a really big business or fire department or whatever — hospital — or whatever it might be. So we kind of see our job as, “How do we understand all those requirements? Take all these ingredients, and really make this as simple as possible, and allow the technology to be used by the most number of people in the world.”