So I got on the radio to try and get ahold of the destroyer that was going to be giving us naval gunfire support and I got a young officer, I’m sure, that was talking to me. He had never been used to giving gunfire support to a group on land. Normally they’re called in by forward air controller aircraft, and they’re firing on a position that he’s directing them to. You know, on enemy positions. They’re not used to firing, you know, like I was requesting. And he sounded confused and I was trying to give him coordinates. I had plenty of time. I was giving him coordinates to fire and the type of rounds I wanted him to fire, and I don’t know whether it was that time or the next time. One of them — you know, the guy says, “Well, how long can you last?” And I can’t remember what I said. Mike comes over and he says, “Do you see what’s over there?”