Michael Thornton: I had moved myself up on the point. I had been fighting the bad guys up there. I was up on one point and I knew Tommy was up on another. I took that young officer, and I put him in the rear security because all he had to do was look about a mile-and-a-half and see nothing but open beach, but one little sand dune about 500 yards away from us which was by itself. Dang, the radio operator, was with Tommy, and I took little Kwan and put him down on my other flank to where they couldn’t come around the beach, and I stayed up on the point. They got so close that we were throwing grenades back and forth, and I had already shot like 17 guys. And you know, what I’d do, I’d take aim, because they would pick up their head, and as soon as they’d pick their head up, I’d aim right there where the sand was. And when they’d lift their head up I’d crack off a round, and then I’d roll to another position, and then I’d come up. So they could never really find out where I was.