They threw a grenade over on my side, and I threw the grenade back. Well, in America the grenades are four seconds, “1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000…” the grenade goes off. So they throw the grenade back over, and I’m going, “5,000, 6,000…” I throw the grenade back. I’m going, “8,000, 9,000…” and this grenade comes over again. And I know this grenade — and the grenade went off. I rolled over and the grenade went off, and I was hit seven times with shrapnel in my back. So I yelled out, and I could hear Tommy yelling for me, and I wouldn’t say nothing and about that time these other three guys came over the top of the sand dune, and I shot one of them and one fell down on my side, and the other two fell back. Well, when that happened — for some reason they quit their offensive. They quit coming forward. So I went over to Tommy and said, “Tommy — ” I said, “Yeah, I’m okay.” And I went up — I kind of crawled over where Tommy could see me, and I was looking across this lagoon, and they had — Tommy said, “They asked how long can we hold out?” I said, “Look across there,” and I had already counted 75 NVA, and they were surrounding from the north and the south side of our position at that time.