So I picked him up, and I stick him underneath of my arms because I was fine like that, and I stuck his head underneath the water, and I feel all this flapping going like that and it was him! And I took him, and I grabbed him, and I put him in front of me, and I started swimming. Well, when I started swimming with Tommy, the young Vietnamese, Kwan, which was one of the Vietnamese that I had picked, comes flying by me. The surf has pushed him in. He got shot through his right buttocks and he couldn’t use his leg. So I grabbed him. I put him on my back. He was on my shoulders. I had Tommy in front of me like this with his arms —I had him wrapped and I told Dang to hold his arms. And I’m breaststroke swimming like that. And I’m swimming, and all I could do is see all these bullets just flying into the water. After we got past the surf zone, they just kept flying past us. And after we got out of the range of fire, the Newport News — I saw them turn around and leave. I said, “Where in the hell are they going?” You know. Well, I guess this forward observer had told them all they saw was a bunch of people jumping up and down, and they were called off the line, and they thought we all were dead.