Michael Thornton: I put my life jacket over his head, and then I took a 4×4 — which is a gut patch about like this — and I stuffed it in his head, and I took another one and wrapped it around his head. And I tied — there’s an H harness, so I took that H harness and put it around my neck and kept him on top of my neck where — on my back. And then I brought the other guy around and put him in front of me, and then I started to breaststroke. And we were in the water for approximately three hours.

Thomas Norris: I gave him a fit though, because I mean I could see — and the blood would wash off — or the water — I could wash the blood off my face just for seconds, and I could see two of our Vietnamese, and I knew Mike obviously was with me, and the other one was hanging on, and I could see the other one. But I couldn’t find the last one, and I kept asking Mike, “Do we have everybody? Do we have everybody?” And he kept telling me, “Yeah, we’ve got everybody. We’ve got everybody.” But I couldn’t see him. I finally turned around and put my hands on Mike’s shoulders and pushed myself off. Mike probably thought, “What’s this nut doing?” And I see this little head way out to sea, and I just relaxed after that.