The Vietnamese, the young officer which was way ahead of us was picked up by Woody Woodruff and said, “Where is everybody? Where is everybody?” And he says, “Mike — I don’t know.” He says, “Tommy’s dead. Mike’s missing in action.” And he said the only two people he saw were still alive were the two Vietnamese he had left there. So Woody radios in to the Newport News. The Newport News radios back in to our headquarters back there that Tommy was dead, I was missing and only the Vietnamese got out, which was all wrong. And finally the — I took Tommy’s AK-47, which I had hanging on me, and started shooting in the air when I saw the junk, and the other junk came over to me and picked us up. Then we called the Newport News and we got us to the Newport News, which I knew was a cruiser. In September that year is when the center gun turret blew up and killed those 11 sailors back in 1972. And they had just come back on the line that day, and it was them that gave us the capability to be able to break contact. I carried Tommy down to the operating room. I wouldn’t let him go, and the doctor said, “He can’t make it.” He said, “Mike, there’s no way he’s going to make it.” The water — the warmness and the cleanness of the water and the salt helped cleansed his wound, things like that, and his body next to my body with the heat. They said, “That’s what kept him from going into deep shock.” Because we had that layer of water, and I was swimming so hard and my body heat went to his body heat too, and with the hot sun, and they said, “That’s what probably kept him from going into deep shock.”