I was actually awarded the Medal on October the 15th, 1973, and Tommy was still going through operations in Bethesda, Maryland, at the time. And they weren’t going to let him out because he was getting ready for another operation, and they were looking all over the place for Tommy and he was staying with me at the hotel in a room, and everybody in the world is trying — and then we had to try to get him the clearance to get into the White House. Well, it was really funny. We got him clearance to get in the White House — for everybody to go to the White House. It’s kind of like when I came here — everybody was cleared to go in the White House but me. I was not cleared to go in the White House. It was really funny because the same thing happened — I didn’t have my credentials or something when we went over to the — and I said, “Well, give the medal to Tommy.” But I’ll never forget that day. My mom and dad was there. My brother was there. Tommy was there. And the President asked me, he said, “Mike, you know, what does this mean to you?” It was President Nixon, and we were in the East Room. And I said, “Sir, if you could take something and cut this in half, I’d like to give the other half of this medal to the gentleman who is standing behind me,” and that was Tommy.