Imagination has a great deal to do with winning. In my case, and I try to tell kids — I teach at summer camp — to imagine yourself. But it’s your imagination. Why would you lose in your imagination? Why would you not achieve really neat things in your imagination? Why would you let someone else do your imagination for you? So in all these games that I would fantasize, I always won, and I always played well. Therefore, as a player, as a coach, even though we might have lost in a season or not won a championship, it was like a self-fulfilling prophecy that I’m going to win some time. I’ve never felt myself a loser. I never let a defeat determine what I think of myself. I think that I win. I don’t all the time, but if I play long enough, I’m going to be a winner. I believe wholeheartedly that that came about because of imagination when I was younger.