In 1989, I remember, we lost in Seattle to Seton Hall.  After the ball game, we came back to my suite where we meet.  It was the last time our group of people were going to be together.  That’s the last game.  But there were other kids who were coming back.  I said, “Instead of going home, we’re going to stay through the National Championship game, because we’re eventually going to win a National Championship.” Sometimes in a defeat, you can set the stage for future victory. I wanted them to feel good about what they had accomplished.  Not to like losing, but to like the success that they had.  And then to go on, maybe, to put them in a position where they might be able to.  I try to do that, and now I’m teaching it in game situations.  In November, I might do a thing where it’s an end-of-game situation: “Well, this is what we’re going to do, fellas, in the Final Four.”  Little things like that throughout the year create a championship mindset.