It was fantastic for me as a young diplomat to sit in meetings with Henry Kissinger, going through his shuttle diplomacy, going to a meeting in the Oval Office with President Carter, going to see a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Russia — Gromyko. I was all over the place, seeing people at the very high level of diplomacy, watching carefully, seeing how people negotiate, how people interact, how people cut a deal, and I would say these three, four years in working as a special assistant, as a confidante to the Foreign Minister of Egypt — Mr. (Ismail) Fahmi at that time — was crucial in getting the practical experience, how nations and people interact, and you realize at the end of the day how important the psychology is. It is not as much about substance as about how to connect with people, how to bring your views across, how to understand where people are coming from, and at the end of the day, how you cut a deal, how you make a compromise.