Many of the best things I did were not received well at first, but I think that is fairly common.   People don’t like to change their ideas, they are very comfortable staying in the same basin of attraction. It needs a lot of noise to shake them out of one basin of attraction into another one. That’s how you get a good new idea, is by being shaken somehow into a new basin of attraction. Usually, it happens spontaneously. As you know, you fill yourself up with a problem, and then you can’t make any further progress by a conscious effort. But sometime at some odd moment, when you are doing something else, or thinking about something else, the idea comes to you. People have asked the question, can’t you perhaps accelerate that process, artificially induce the movement into another basin of attraction so that you can try a different idea. And it’s possible you can, by some sort of random noise. Various suggestions have been made about how to do that.