Albert Camus, who is one of the great writers that did mean a tremendous amount to me and still do — unfortunately dead as you know — he said, and this is engraved somewhere in me, “The day that I am no more than a writer, I shall no longer write.”  Because you can’t just live in an ivory tower.  This doesn’t mean to say that you write propaganda.  That’s a task for people directly in politics.  And indeed, for a writer to begin to be a propagandist is the death of the talent that that writer has. But you are not only a writer, you are also a human being living among your fellow human beings in your society, in your country.  You’re enclosed by the laws of that country.  You’re enclosed by the morals and attitudes of the people around you.  You have to be in relation to that as well, take your responsibility of being a human being in a human society.