I don’t like this word “inspire.” I think you have to find what wakes up, what is latent in you. You may admire someone else, but to inspire suggests that you want to emulate them or be like them. You cannot be like anybody else, not even the great writer or the great actress that you happen to admire. I think that, again, I come back to books. My desire to understand life, to explore it, came through literature, through reading. And I always tell aspiring young writers, “Forget about creative writing classes.” You can’t teach people to write poetry or novels or short stories. You can teach them to be good journalists, that’s another thing. But you cannot teach them literature this way. And the only way you can teach yourself is to read, read, read. Not in order to emulate or copy what you read, but to become self-critical, to look then at your own little efforts and think, “My God! Look what this one and that one can do with a word that I haven’t even touched yet.”