The pressure was enormous, but we believed in the war.  We were not against the war.  We were products of the Cold War, all of us.  David Halberstam, who just died recently, who I worked with in Vietnam, who was my partner there, we believed it was the right thing to do.  We believed all those shibboleths of the Cold War, all of which turned out to be mirages: the “domino theory” that if South Vietnam fell, the rest of — Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia — they were all going to fall one by one.  We believed that the Vietnamese Communists were pawns of the Chinese and the Russians, they were taking their orders from Moscow and Beijing. It was rubbish.  They were independent people who had their own objectives, and they were the true nationalists in the country.  We didn’t know any of this really, but we did know we were losing the war.  That got us in a hell of a battle, and we managed to survive that as reporters.