I walked through most of the Mekong Delta in my first two years.  I liked the Vietnamese as a people.  I had a lot of Vietnamese friends, and here came in the regular U.S. Army and the Marine Corps and the Air Force and the Navy, and they proceeded to blow up and burn down this country we were supposed to be saving. I mean, if there was a sniper in the village, they didn’t go in and get him.  They called for an artillery barrage or an air strike and blew the whole village away, and General Westmoreland was deliberately bombing and shelling villages in Viet Cong-held areas to drive the population out.  He was deliberately doing it, and he was killing and maiming tens of thousands of women and kids.  All of this began to really turn me off, but the justification was we’ve got to put up with this because we’ve got to stop the Communists, et cetera, and everybody still believed that, but it began to really turn me off.