At a certain point, you get to a place where you kind of know what you’re doing, and you kind of know that you’re going to be repeating yourself if you go on doing it much longer. So when the chance to do something else comes along, you go, “Well this might be fun. This might be interesting.” And it was interesting, ’cause I really didn’t know what I was doing, writing screenplays. I wrote quite a few before one got made. I didn’t have a screenplay made until Silkwood was made, and that was — I was 40 or so, about 40 or 41, and until I worked with Mike Nichols on that screenplay — it wasn’t that Alice Arlen and I hadn’t written a good script, but then I got to go to school by working with Mike, because he was so brilliant at working with you on script, and the realization that I had known so little and was learning so much working with him was amazing.