One day, someone — an editor at Vogue — called me and said they were doing an issue on age and was there anything that I wanted to write about, and I said, “Yeah. I want to write about my neck.” It wasn’t anything hard, and I just wrote this funny thing called “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” which everybody read, a huge number of people. Most people, you don’t expect, when you have a piece in Vogue, to have a huge — you know, people don’t buy Vogue necessarily for the articles, but this was an issue all my friends read, and a lot of people said, “Oh, that was really funny,” and I thought, “Oh, I see. There’s a book here. There’s a book about getting older,” and I started making a list of things that I thought could be written about that no one had written about, like maintenance, which is a full-time career for those of us who are getting on in years, just sort of keeping your finger in the dike, so that you don’t look like a bag lady. So I made a list of things and then wrote most of the book and sold it. And then there’s all sorts of things that aren’t about aging, like my summer in the White House when President Kennedy didn’t sleep with me.