My husband, Nick Pileggi, is first generation, first generation B.A., and he became a writer. He and I are one generation different, not in our ages, but in our parents’ experience. That wouldn’t have happened to him in another place, and it almost didn’t happen here, by the way, because he was in junior high school and was assigned — got his schedule in junior high school — and he was in all vocational classes. And he went to the guidance person and said, “Why am I not in English classes? Why don’t I have any classes like my friends have?” and they said, “Oh, you’re Italian American. You’re not going to need this kind of thing. You’re not going to go to college.” That was New York City! But he fooled them and switched out of it, but the point is you still hear stories like that, stories from people like Mario Cuomo, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who couldn’t get a job after she graduated from law school. There’s still a lot of that stuff, and yet, compared to anyplace else, this is by far the best place you could be.