I can think of competitions where there was done a project and you’ve lost the competition. And we still have that now. Nothing’s changed in that respect. You put your hearts and soul into a competition and you lose the competition. And everybody around you is crestfallen. They put their everything into it and you’ve lost. Only the other day, I was writing a memo saying, “It was a fantastic scheme,” which I believe it was, the scheme in question, “but take heart. One day in the future you’ll see that it wasn’t wasted.” And so if I think, for example, when IBM — after a building that I talked about, that may have been today, the little Olson Building —  lot of people came to see that building. And IBM came and they said something like, “We have a headquarter building. It’s under construction and it’s running behind schedule. And we have a site not too far away. Would you undertake the responsibility to put some site huts together to make a temporary office?” And with an awareness of the competition that we had lost for a comprehensive school, where had an umbrella, a service umbrella, a steel, lightweight lattice, a deep plan. And with that knowledge and knowhow — and, incidentally, that knowledge and knowhow came out of America and student travels and the SCSD, the California School System and the case study houses in California — and demonstrated to IBM that with the same budget and timescale, we could do a new building. And that building has been one of the most successful buildings in the history of IBM.