It’s one of the terrible things about this country, that the minute people become public figures, there’s members of the press who do everything they can to start destroying them, to tear them down. I never quite understood why. Some of the things, many of the things that have been said about me are just blatantly untrue. Some of the stories in the Gulf were manufactured by members of the press, and they wouldn’t let go of them. Even when it was proven to them that the story was untrue, they continued to spread it around anyhow, only because they refused to admit that they might be wrong. So, I think it’s too bad that that happens in this country because it keeps an awful lot of good people from serving this country, that otherwise would serve this country. But it goes with the territory. The important thing is, you can’t let it get to you. You stay focused on the donut, instead of the hole. I honestly could care less what the press says about me. It’s important to me what the American people think about me. And the American people come up and tell me over and over again how they feel about me. And if you stay focused on that – and I would also tell you what’s very important to me, most of all, is what my family thinks about me. My family knows me for what I am and who I am, and that’s all that counts. Thank God, my kids think I’m a pretty good dad. As long as they believe that, that’s good enough for me, I don’t need anything else.