Trust yourself. Life is worth living. Life is worth living and life should be lived. There’s more good out there than there is evil. Man is basically good. Mankind is basically good. I guess 30 years from now you’d say “personkind.” I don’t know. What I’m saying is, people are good. People are great. Enjoy them, and enjoy your life. And again, it’s the point I would make to any young people, it’s what I talk about with my children. People should dare to be themselves. Don’t be something because somebody else tells you that’s what you should be. Don’t be a brain surgeon if you want to be an artist. You’ll never make any money as an artist, you could make a fortune as a brain surgeon. But don’t be a brain surgeon to make money. If you want to be a brain surgeon because you’re really interested in saving people’s lives, that’s a reason to be a brain surgeon. Most of all, be yourself. Dare to be yourself. Take your God-given talent and use it the way you feel you should use it. Don’t let anybody steer you down the path of, this way you get more money; this way you get more prestige; this way you get more success because I’ve seen so many people in my lifetime who burn out. They get all of these things that they originally strive for, and then there isn’t anything else. So, what do I do now? Because the one thing they don’t have is it’s not here. It’s not in their heart. They don’t have self fulfillment. They don’t feel good about themselves. They don’t feel satisfied because they measure their lives in terms of the next promotion, or the next award, or the next pay raise, or whatever it is. And one of these days, all that’s over with.