The life of the love interest is really pretty boring.  The objective is the marriage bed.  That’s what the heroine is there for, and “Will he win or will he not? Will they finally make the marriage bed?”  It was obvious it would be the marriage bed, not any other bed, but it was all about would they in the end get together that way, and the route to the marriage bed — and that was promised at the end of the film, of course — was a pretty boring route. The heroine really heroined.  She really had nothing much to do except encourage the hero, and at the right moment… and you can’t imagine how uninteresting that can be, the route.  The objective might have been different, but anyhow the route is very boring.  So I longed to play a character who initiated things, who experienced important things, who interpreted the great agonies and joys of human experience, and I certainly wasn’t doing that on any kind of level of a significance playing the love interest.