I drove myself up in my little green Buick to David’s Southern mansion.  I was shown into this beautiful drawing room, paneled, wood-paneled, a lovely room, and in came George and David.  Now, I have to explain to you that George was very, very rotund.  He also had very dark eyes and very dark hair, very curly and very thick, and he wore very thick glasses, thickly rimmed in dark tortoiseshell, very dark, or maybe not even tortoiseshell.  They were rimmed in thick black rims.  He played Scarlett.  He played Scarlett passionately, clutching the porches.  There we were in this little bay window with the hangings, and I was pleading with “Scarlett! Scarlett!” over something or another, and he was clutching the porches, and there was David standing three feet from us, watching this scene with rapt attention, enthralled. Well, part of my mind, of course, was saying this has to be the most comic thing to witness that has ever, ever happened, ever been performed in the history of the world.