I think it was the first serious study of mental illness of a character — serious study. And I, of course, saw all the experiences that Virginia Cunningham endured.  I saw [electric] shock.  It was very moving, because when the body under shock, it rises like this, and there is terrible danger, that it will slide off the table when it comes back, and bones can be broken. The particular hospital, it was a California hospital that I visited.  Something so touching happened.  They had a team of patients who were undergoing shock treatment help the patient who had been assigned that therapy for a certain day, and one would hold this shoulder, another would hold the other. All of them having been through shock, and still, still programmed for that, the hips, the knees, and the ankles, and I saw the body rise.  They held on, and of course, nothing happened.  No injury ensued to the patient.  I saw her afterwards and then several days later, and the whole experience was altogether extraordinary.