The greatest thing about what I do, for me, is that I’m in a position to change people’s lives. It is the most incredible platform for influence that you could imagine, and it’s something that I hold in great esteem and take full responsibility for. I mean, I do every show in prayer, not down on my knees praying, but I do it before every show — a mental meditation in order to get the correct message across. Because you’re dealing with millions of people every day, and it’s very easy for something to be misinterpreted, so my intention is always, regardless of what the show is — whether it’s about sibling rivalry or wife battering or children of divorce — for people to see within each show that you are responsible for your life, that although there may be tragedy in your life, there’s always a possibility to triumph. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always, always.