I couldn’t do the kinds of shows that I see some other people do, I just couldn’t. I’ve reached a level of maturity in this work myself. There was a time, when I first started out, that I would say, I was far more exploitative. You just put a person on for the purpose of having. I wouldn’t do that anymore. I was in the middle of a show with some white supremacists, skinheads, Ku Klux Klan members and in the middle of that show I just had a flash, I thought, “This is doing nobody any good, nobody.” And I had rationalized the show by saying, “Oh, people need to know that these kinds of people are out here.” I won’t do it anymore. I just won’t do it. There are certain things I won’t do – Satanism of any kind, any kind of Satan worship. I no longer want to give a platform to racists; I just don’t because I think no good can come of it. So if you don’t know that it exists, I’m sorry, you won’t hear it here. But that’s growth for me. I taped a show last year with a guy who was a mass murderer. He killed eighty people. I did the whole interview, and I had the families of some of the people he killed. In the middle of it, flash, I thought, “I shouldn’t be doing this; this is not going to help anybody. It’s a voyeuristic look at a serial killer, but what good is it going to do anybody?” And we didn’t air it.