Oprah Winfrey: I only came to co-host a talk show because I had failed at news and I was going to be fired. And, the news director was paying me $22,000 a year. God only knows what my co-anchor was making. Paying me $22,000 a year, and they thought they were paying me too much money to only just do news stories. So I had been taken off the six o’clock news, and was put on the early morning, like 5:30, cut-ins. And they tried to convince me at the time that, “You are so good that you need your own time period, so we are going to give you five minutes at 5:30 in the morning.” I was devastated because up until that point, I had sort of cruised. I really hadn’t thought a lot about my life, or the direction it was taking. I just happened into television, happened into radio. I don’t believe in luck. I think luck is preparation meeting opportunity. I felt like I had somewhat prepared myself, but that I had “happenstanced” into it.