I was working in Nashville, and so I moved to Baltimore, and I thought, “Well, I’ll do this for a while, and then I don’t know what I’ll do.” So when I was called in and put on the edge of being fired, and certainly demoted, and knew that firing was only a couple weeks away, I was devastated. I was 22 and embarrassed by the whole thing because I had never failed before. And it was that failure that led to the talk show. Because they had no place else to put me, they put me on a talk show in the morning. And I’m telling you, the hour I interviewed — my very first interview was the Carvel Ice Cream Man, and Benny from All My Children — I’ll never forget it. I came off the air, thinking, “This is what I should have been doing.” Because it was like breathing to me, like breathing. You just talk. “Be yourself” is really what I had learned to do.