I was in the middle of an interview with a woman named Truddi Chase, who has multiple personalities and was severely abused as a child. I think it was on that day that, for the first time, I recognized that I was not to blame. I became a sexually promiscuous teenager and as a result of that got myself into a lot of trouble, and believed that I was responsible for it. It wasn’t until I was 36 years old, 36, that I connected the fact, “Oh, that’s why I was that way.” I always blamed myself. Even though, intellectually, I would say to other kids, I would speak to people and say, “Oh, the child’s never to blame. You’re never responsible for molestation in your life.” I still believed I was responsible somehow. That I was a bad girl — and just released it, in the middle… So it happened on the air, as so many things happen for me. It happened on the air in the middle of somebody else’s experience, and I thought I was going to have a breakdown on television. And I said, “Stop! Stop! You’ve got to stop rolling cameras!” And they didn’t, so I got myself through it, but it was really quite traumatic for me.