Paul Farmer: After I finished at Duke, I thought, “Well, am I gonna have a future in research or in international development work?  Am I going to work in an American city or work abroad?” And I was trying to figure that out, like a lot of people who are 22, 23 are trying to do. And I say to my students, including undergraduates, “Go off and find out.  Don’t try to answer that right when you’re 22.  I didn’t.”  I went from Duke to the University of Pittsburgh and then to Haiti.  And then I went back to Brooklyn.  So I had, in that year after college, I got to try a lot of things and see where I might be most comfortable casting my lot as a physician.  As I said, I knew I wanted to be a physician, and yeah, I applied to Harvard Medical School and one other medical school, because I was interested in medical anthropology, which is a very arcane little field. It’s a narrow strip of scholarly interest in medicine and public health.  So I really wanted to go to Harvard, because there were people there I wanted to work with, and I got that letter when I was in Haiti, in the middle of Central Plateau, which is where I still am working to this day.